Many people enjoy taking their furry family members with them during outings. Unfortunately, pets leave tell-tale signs of occupation that includes hair shed. Ephrata, PA Mark Martin Motors has a few tips for prevention and making cleanup easier.

Consider covering the seats that pets occupy with a simple flat bed sheet. In this way, once the journey ends, simply remove the sheet, shake it out or launder it as needed. Consider brushing the dog's coat thoroughly before the trip begins to minimize shedding.

While vacuuming is the most common method of removing hair, methods using static electricity are equally effective. Blow up a child's balloon and rub it on your clothing to create static. Merely rub the balloon over the interior surface of the vehicle to attract and remove the pet hair. Rubber dishwashing gloves are equally effective. Spray a mist of water over the affected surfaces. Don the gloves to rub the surfaces and attract the pet hair.