Being informed about the way your car works is an important part of car ownership. This entails knowing some of the basics behind car maintenance and what makes certain aspects of a car tick. That is why our team here at Mark Martin Motors of Ephrata, PA wants to be sure that you know how extreme temperatures can negatively impact your car's battery.

First, let's look at extreme cold. A battery with enough capacitance should have no problem getting a car started. Unfortunately, the capacitance can be lowered when it is extremely cold out. Pair this with an already old battery and you may find you have trouble starting your car. Similarly, in the summer, very hot temperatures can cause a battery to wear out faster than at more agreeable temperatures. This can lead to frequent dead batteries on the hottest days of summer.

If you have any other battery-related questions or concerns about your vehicle, then do not hesitate to give our experienced service team a call today!

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