Applying for a car loan seems scary to some folks, and we can certainly appreciate your concerns. We're here to let you know that it's quite the opposite with our expertise in auto financing. We've helped many customers from Manheim, PA get approved for far more than they had ever expected.

When your loan application is processed, your credit file is delivered to an underwriter. They'll review everything including your employment history, the equity you'll have from a down payment, and anything else they consider important in making a credit decision. If you've had credit troubles, you may pay a higher APR, but you'll most likely be able to refinance the loan when your credit history improves.

Having access to reliable transportation is a necessity for most of our customers. That's why we work with a network of lenders that help a wide variety of customers from all different backgrounds. Check with Mark Martin Motors first, and we'll work with you for an approval decision, today.

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