When shopping for a car, you may wonder which drivetrain is best for your needs. Our associates at Mark Martin Motors want you to make an informed purchase, so you can read further learn the difference between front-wheel drive (FWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD).

RWD vehicles offer more durability and ruggedness than FWD cars. If a RWD vehicle has a solid axle, driving over potholes or hitting curbs won't typically cause damage. RWD also provides you with better balance because the weight of the drivetrain is more evenly distributed from the front to rear of the vehicle.

A front-wheel drivetrain is cheaper to design and manufacture. FWD vehicles have fewer parts and are simpler to assemble when compared to RWD vehicles. FWD vehicles also offer better traction than RWD vehicles on slick roads. This is because front-wheel drivetrains pull with the front wheels instead of pulling with the rear wheels that's seen in RWD vehicles.



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