When you press your brake pedal, a variety of things happen underneath the vehicle's cabin. As various braking components work together, they effectively and efficiently reduce your traveling speed.

Brake pads rely on a rotor during every stopping situation. This piece of hardware spins while a car commutes on the road. To make a tire slow down, a rotor must stop spinning, and this is when the brake caliper helps out by squeezing the brake pad. Although friction is needed to stop a tire, too much of it can lead to serious problems. A brake pad prevents excessive friction because it acts as a shield by protecting vulnerable surfaces on the rotor and each caliper piston.

Frequently braking can create wear and tear on an average brake pad. The best way to stay safe on the road is by ensuring that every brake pad on your automobile is in peak condition. If you need help performing an inspection or tackling repairs, professional brake services are available at Mark Martin Motors.



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