Even the most durable tires have a shelf life. Don't drive on tires past the point of safe operations. Look for definitive signs of trouble associated with failing tires. The signs are tough to miss.

A penny test is an easy way to see if the tread depth is dangerously low. Do you see all of Lincoln's head when you put the penny in the treads? If so, the tires are likely below the 2/32-inch tread depth. They're worn. And if there are treadwear patterns, something's probably wrong.

Excess vibration, sidewall cracks, bumps, and blisters reflect issues with the tires. Odds are the tires won't last. Don't let them fail on you while driving. Bring them to a garage for an inspection. This way, you'll know if the tires require replacing.

If you're worried about your tires, take the car to the service department at Mark Martin Motors.



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