Rearview Cameras and Their Safety Benefits

If you've heard of backup cameras, they probably just sound like another unnecessary piece of technology. After all, people have been driving with mirrors for over a hundred years, and we've been just fine ... or so you might think. The truth is that backup cameras, otherwise known as rearview cameras, can make your driving experience a lot safer.

Backup cameras add an additional area of sight to the area directly behind your vehicle - the part below your rear window. As you're well aware, neither your side nor rearview mirrors can give you access to this area. The backup camera can, ensuring that you won't run over anything important while leaving your driveway.

The idea of driving with a backup camera might sound awkward or foreign to you. However, it can make your driving experience feel much safer, and make you feel more aware. Come visit us at Mark Martin Motors to test a vehicle that has one equipped.

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