Convenience makes tailgating more enjoyable at typical sports stadiums. If you want to make cooking and serving tasks convenient during your next summer tailgating party, there are several things that you must consider.

When you arrive at the tailgating site, observe the wind conditions carefully. To use a charcoal grill efficiently, you must set it up in a spot that doesn't get strong wind currents. If the wind blows consistently, the fire will burn faster, and this will make the process of cooking tougher. The easiest way to minimize the effects of strong winds is by adjusting the vents on your grill. There is also a convenient way to help everyone get rid of germs on their hands before the food on your grill is served. Instead of directing everyone to the restrooms, build a hand washing station out of an empty detergent dispenser, and mount it on your truck bed.

To provide these convenient solutions, you'll have to get your truck to the tailgating site. If you service your vehicle at Mark Martin Motors in Manheim, PA, you won't have to deal with a sudden breakdown.

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