Not everyone likes to drive a lot. Driving only when necessary means less wear and tear on the vehicle. Avoiding traffic also eases the mind. Sometimes, however, we can lull ourselves into taking less care than necessary. Although the car might stay parked and amass low mileage throughout the year, the oil still requires changing. Even if you don't hit the manual's recommended mileage point, you can't keep old lubricant in the system.

Modern cars come with a recommendation to change the oil after 5,000 miles. That is a step up from the 3,000 miles recommended years ago. Most know when to change oil mileage-wise, but not time-wise.

After six months, motor oil isn't what it once was. The lubricant can't do its job. The older it gets, the worse the oil becomes.

When the time comes for an oil change in Manheim, PA, call our service department. At Mark Martin Motors, we want to help you with all your vehicle needs.

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