How to Clean an Engine with a Degreaser

A degreaser can destroy grime on an engine. However, to simplify a job, you must implement proper preparation procedures before using a degreaser.

In order to prepare an engine for a degreaser, you'll have to remove some of the engine components. If the housing is very hot, the process of accessing some components safely will be challenging. This is why you should always tackle an engine cleaning job on a warm day. On a hot day, direct sunlight will cause problems as it heats up the engine's housing. Internal heat is also a safety risk before a cleaning routine. If you recently operated your vehicle, wait 15 minutes before preparing the engine. The preparation process is very simple as you'll only need to remove plastic pieces and cover electrical components. During the cleaning phase, gradually apply the degreaser. Then, use a hose or pressure washer to rinse away the grime.

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